PLC Ultima Ecosystem Empowers E-Commerce and Crowdfunding with Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts and Free Promotion

Crypto winter forces many projects to lay off dozens of employees, but some of them instead are gaining momentum by offering exactly those products that are in demand in the current environment. Financial crisis and turbulence in the global economy underlined the need for affordable and easy-to-entry financial services. The PLC Ultima ecosystem that develops an infrastructure for decentralized financial services achieved to multiply its user base, granting more than 1.5 mln of active users, earlier deprived from advantages of the financial world, with access to a better future.

Decentralization as a Ground Rule

The PLC Ultima is a blockchain-based ecosystem focused on a wide range of fintech services, from an everyday payment system to a crowdfunding platform and marketplace, all of them already used by hundreds of thousands of users around the globe. 

The ecosystem is based on its own blockchain that was developed on the basis of the fast and cyberattack-high resistant Litecoin blockchain and strengthened by the CryptoNight hashing algorithm used by Bitcoin and Monero. 

The PLC Ultima is an authentic decentralized system, meaning that the main actor in the PLC Ultima blockchain is its multi-thousand community. In 2021, about 700,000 people from more than 120 countries around the world have already registered as members of the PLC Ultima ecosystem. By September, 2022, the number of active users reached 1.5 million. 

Transparent Crowdfunding 

The PLC Ultima ecosystem hosts a revolutionary crowdfunding platform called Platin Hero, applicable for all projects, from tech products to charities. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool to establish a strong connection with your audience and raise funding for your project, while finding out if the audience shows interest in this idea. But sometimes crowdfunding is a tool in the hands of scammers, and this undermines people’s trust in this method of raising funds.

Blockchain, with its capabilities such as smart contracts, is changing the balance of power. Now the user becomes the main player on the field, even if he is ready to donate only a couple of dollars. Every dollar matters – and every user that donates that dollar does matter.

Platin Hero makes a crowdfunding process fruitful to all users. Projects get access to a multi-thousand audience of the PLC Ultima ecosystem, receive free promotion and funding of their ideas, while donors receive rewards from projects and a 10% bonus of the amount they contributed. 

The process of launching a crowdfunding campaign is easy as a-b-c and seldom takes more than half an hour. Users just need to upload a description with videos, photos and text and determine the reward for sponsors. All donations are raised in cryptocurrencies, thus making the process really borderless and global-grade. 

Cryptocurrency-Focused Marketplace

Despite financial turbulence, global e-commerce sales continue growing as the digitalization of payment technology allows to digitally engage with customers across geographic areas. According to Shopify, global ecommerce sales are expected to total $5.7 trillion worldwide in 2022. Of the total global retail sales in 2022, 19.7% is expected to come from online purchases.

With cryptocurrencies implemented, the PLC Ultima marketplace called PlatinDeal helps new merchants and brand creators quickly scale and enter new geographies. 

PlatinDeal consists of a classifieds platform and a coupon marketplace. The site interface is as simple as possible: customers only need to register and then can immediately start buying or selling goods and services, create their own digital stores or go shopping paying for selected items with cryptocurrencies. PlatinDeal vividly demonstrates a way to combine cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the real sector of the economy.

Post-Bitcoin Era of Mining

Any ecosystem needs incentives to retain users inside it. Regarding decentralized systems, they find themselves in need of users even more than centralized ones, because their architecture implies the presence of nodes that support the life of the blockchain, i.e. form blocks and write them into the blockchain.

In the Bitcoin blockchain, such participants of the system are called miners. To become a miner, one needs to buy expensive computing equipment and keep it running. In PLC Ultima, the viability of the blockchain is provided by minters. Minting is an updated, more energy-efficient version of the proof-of-work consensus mechanism that does not require special computing equipment. It is available even via apps on smartphones. 

The ecosystem operates two native coins, PLCU and PLCUX. They are tightly coupled. PLCU serves as a tool when sending transactions, while PLCUX is focused on generating new coins. 

Users who want to be active participants of the ecosystem only need to register new accounts and download special apps (Ultima Farm and Ultima Wallet) on their smartphones. For storing and freezing PLCUX coins in a wallet, a user gets a reward on a monthly basis guaranteed by the minting smart contract. The amount of the reward corresponds to the number of frozen coins in the wallet.  

Thus, PLC Ultima encourages users to stay within the ecosystem, provides them with tools to improve their quality of life, and involves those who were previously deprived of access to financial infrastructure into the global production chain. This approach helped PLC Ultima to grow and increase its user base even in the face of extreme uncertainty in the global economy.

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