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How to Be an Excellent Handball Player: A Valuable Guide for Kenyan Players

Starting as a handball player in Kenya requires diligence as well as grit. It combines some basketball and football techniques to produce exceptional gameplay. The smooth display of shooting, dribbling, and passing to score makes it enjoyable to watch and contributes to its growing fame.

With its increasing popularity in the USA, Europe, Kenya, and others, it is no surprise that several fans have decided to do more than just watch their favorites play the game. They now place bets on the best handball betting sites and enjoy the thrill that comes with it. Some of the best sites allow pre-match, in-play, and game outcome betting.

If you want to improve your handball game and rock at it, this in-depth guide will show you five tips that will put you on a good start.

Know The Laws

Before hopping on the field to play handball, master its rules and violations. The basic handball game codes you should know by heart are:

  • A match is 30 mins each, cleaved into two periods.
  • Seven players make a team; six outfield players and a goalkeeper.
  • Outfield players can only touch the ball with their upper body above the knee.
  • You can hold, pass or shoot when in the custody of the ball.
  • A player can dribble or hold the ball for 3 seconds before dribbling.
  • Goalkeepers can move outside the goal area but must release the ball once outside.

These are the handball violations to avoid:

  • Unnecessary stalling with the ball.
  • Endangering the opponent with the ball
  • Punching or hitting the ball while in the opponent’s possession 
  • Touching the ball with the lower body than the knee
  • Hitting or tripping the opponent

Appreciate Ball Control

While in the game, keeping the ball in your possession is your priority. When you have the ball, you’re a step ahead of your opponent, who has to worry about recovering it before scoring. That’s why you should value having the ball in control.

Here’s the idea!

Once you have the ball, you should be patient but not afraid to make a move. Opportunities arise when your opponent makes mistakes, like throwing bad passes. Once in possession, dribble to open up spaces in the defensive position and shoot to score. Meanwhile, intelligence and discipline are crucial to pulling off the proper balance.

Know the Different Types of Throws

Here’s what you need to know about the various handball throws.

  • The throw-off: The game begins with a throw-off in the middle of the court. The thrower comes into contact with the middle line with one foot and makes the throw. The player with the ball at the center of the court passes the ball, which signals the game’s start.
  • The throw-in: A throw-in is given against the team that made the last ball contact before going out of play. It also happens when the game is interrupted by hitting or tripping the opponent.
  • The referee throws: When the ball comes in contact with anything outside the court after several rules are violated, the referee stands at the center of the court and throws vertically between two opposing team players.
  • The 7-meter throw: When a foul ruins an opportunity to score a goal, this throw is given to the goalie. He returns the ball to his area. For the 7-meter throw, all players must be outside the free-throw line, and the player receiving the throw has three seconds to shoot.
  • The goal-throw: This goal is given to the goalie when the attacking team throws the ball over the end line. 

Sharpen Your Skills

You must train hard with your team to improve your passing and dribbling skills on your road to becoming a handball rockstar. The trick is to pass the ball to each other as much and as fast as possible.

Like in football, making the right passes can get you a goal faster than dribbling. But while dribbling, hold the ball with one hand and use the other to guard the ball from the opponent.

When defending, keeping your hands at the right height to prevent shots works well and can prevent tossing chances to your opponent.

Keep Practicing

Handball demands speed, agility, and strength compared to football and basketball, even though the players (except the goalkeeper) are not allowed to kick the ball. Hence, constant practice is required to build strength and capacity for the game. The more you practice, the better you’ll be.


Handball is physically demanding but thrilling and rewarding to play. Despite requiring little equipment to play, it’s an excellent sport for boosting fitness and improving agility and body flexibility. Another benefit is the increase in the number of handball betting sites.

While the game is simple to play, sticking to its basic rules is the key to success in the game. So, if you’re looking for the basics to kickstart your handball career, the above tips will help put you on the right track.

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