Sunday, October 2, 2022 – In the spirit of transparency and accountability, President William Ruto vowed to make public the details of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) deal that former President Uhuru Kenyatta has been hiding from Kenyans.

The SGR issue was a hot topic in the run-up to the August polls with secrecy and opaqueness the entire deal was shrouded in, with Ruto, who was part of the government that launched the project, accusing Uhuru of conning the taxpayers in the deal.

Ruto even went ahead to promise that he will expose the entire SGR deal if elected President, and now that he has, it is only a question of waiting and seeing if he fulfills his promise.

But even before we hear it from the Head of State himself, one man who accompanied Uhuru to China to seal the Sh5 billion SGR deal has given a sneak preview of what the former President has been hiding from Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview, former Mandera Senator and financial expert, Billow Kerrow, revealed how some people who accompanied Uhuru to China in 2013 were humiliated and locked out of the meeting where the SGR deal was signed.

According to Kerrow, Uhuru took a team of 150 people on the China trip, but only 20 were elected lawmakers.

Besides, out of 150, only 100 people were allowed into the meeting and the rest were barred because the venue could only accommodate 100 people.

“Uhuru was accompanied by 150 people when going to China to sign the SGR deal. We were locked out of the meeting because the venue could only accommodate 100 people,” Kerrow stated.

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  1. What an imbecile baboon!

    It’s taken you fool 9 years to come and tell us that you were locked up because of room space. That is a lie that can be accepted by an imbecile baboon.

    150 imbecile fraudster thieve flew to china, the room could accommodate only 100 of this thieves excluding their Chinese: meaning the meeting was only chaired by the 100 kenyan fraudsters alone, in pdm meeting held in china on how they would loot the same debts between themselves and claim the deal was between china and kenya: yet is a deal between the 150 fraudsters.

    The 150 fraudsters should service their debts and keep our taxes out of it. If they can pay go to their properties to pay the loans they created out of their greed.

    Kumbafu sana!

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