Friday, October 7, 2022 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has come clean on the real reasons he lost the last election to President William Ruto.

During a book launch yesterday, Raila stated that he lost the presidency to Ruto because international communities opposed his candidature due to his plan to tame market monopolies dominated by foreign nations.

According to Raila, his plan to turn Kenya into a manufacturing hub did not augur well with some international monopoly capital.

He noted that he had envisioned transforming the country to be an exporter of finished products thus reducing the country’s over-reliance on imported goods.

While the agenda was better for the country as it would encourage local manufacturing and production, foreign powers reportedly translated it as a scheme to deprive them of raw materials from the country. 

“The international monopoly capital is not comfortable when you are talking about making Kenya a manufacturing hub to supply Eastern and Central African region. Those people are not happy with you when you talk about beneficiation and value addition to local raw materials that are going to compete against international monopoly capital,” Raila stated.

“That is the reason why they don’t want us to go in there, but we cannot forever remain servants of international monopoly capital, Africa must rise,” he added.

Defending his claims, Raila noted that most international communities remained mum despite his camp raising issues with the malpractices witnessed in the August 9 polls.

He called them out for hailing IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati as a hero despite four commissioners rejecting the final results.

According to Raila, Chebukati’s action would not be permissible in other countries in Europe and the US.

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