Tuesday, October 4, 2022 – A few weeks after her pet chihuahua Diamond Baby went missing, Paris Hilton says she still believes the dog is alive.

According to the millionaire heiress, she is still holding out hope, having recently spoken to pet psychics who informed her that her beloved pet is still alive and well.

Police last week stopped the search for the missing pet informing Hilton that there is a huge possibility the dog must have been eaten by another animal

However, in her Instagram story, Hilton said she has spoken with seven pet mediums who are all telling her the chihuahua is alive and well.

Hilton says she has confidence in the psychics, who she says have previously solved cases of missing pets.

Hilton added that she considered raising the reward for the safe return of Diamond Baby, however, her security team has advised her it would set a dangerous precedent and make her a target for pet snatchers.

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