Tuesday, October 4, 2022 – A hilarious video of a little girl crying about her over-active younger brother who gave her a tough time while taking care of him is making rounds online.

In the video, the little girl complained about her younger brother, named Ire, being rude and not sitting in one spot.

She also disclosed that he is been getting his hands on harmful objects and climbing the staircase.

Watch the video below

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  1. Whore!
    It’s not the job of the little girl to take care of the boy. It’s your job. The girl’s cry is valid.
    Take care of the boy baby than recording and showing your foolishness in bad parenting.
    Child support should take the children for these imbecile whore.
    The little girl needs to be happy and subjecyed to take care of another baby, still suckling breast milk.

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