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Friday, September 2, 2022 – Controversial Venezuelan National Jose Carmago has been linked heavily to the rigging of the August 9th election in favor of President-elect William Ruto.

In her submission before the court, Raila Odinga’s Lawyer Julie Soweto displayed images of Forms 34A that had the name Jose Camargo on the edges with doctored presidential results.

This raised eyebrows about how several forms could have such with the lawyer arguing that the Forms 34A were doctored by Camargo.

This comes even as the forensic analysis on electronic gadgets found in possession of Camargo and his other Venezuelan friends arrested at the JKIA proved they had the capacity to infiltrate and manipulate figures in the IEBC portal.

During the arrest, police recovered a laptop from Jose Gregorio Camargo Castellano that had key information regarding the August 9, polls.

Forensic analysis showed that the laptop had an IEBC database schematic diagram, IEBC network diagram, IEBC KIEMS kit, IEBC KIEMS kit deployment list, user name and passwords, local IP address configurations, virtual private network (VPN) settings and Smartmatic Mobile device management (MDM).

He was also found with a hard disk, 1TB, which was found with file folders.

The folders had IEBC election system information as follows; IEBC system Network details, IEBC system Network details, IEBC database development credentials, IEBC KIEMS project schedule, travel details of Jose Gregorio, IEBC VPN access credentials, settings for remote access to IEBC server, results in the transmission system, IEBC dashboard users, IEBC system users’ access rights, IEBC intergraded data management system and updates development.

Besides, DCI findings revealed that Camargo was one of the IEBC system administrators and was in a position to remotely access the entire IEBC data.

In essence, the foreigner had the capacity to add, delete, edit or manipulate in any manner the entire IEBC system.

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