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Saturday, September 3, 2022 – Newly elected Tana River County Senator, Danson Mungatana, has said Azimio One Kenya Alliance party leader, Raila Odinga, will regret if the Supreme Court orders for a re-run on Monday.

Speaking on Saturday, Mungatana, who won the Seat on the Kenya Kwanza Alliance ticket, said he is confident that the Supreme Court will uphold William Ruto’s victory on Monday but said in case of a rerun, ‘hustlers’ will embarrass Raila Odinga badly.

Mungatana said that the Kenya Kwanza team mounted a strong campaign that Azimio could not match and that is the reason Raila and his team lost the election.

“Azimio people are saying that we did not win but I want to state here that we won fairly and elections cannot be determined by the courts and if they want a rerun we will still win easily,” he said.

He claimed that Raila is always exploited by greedy leaders, seeking other elective seats every five years but they abandon him immediately after they get the posts.

“Raila is tired and they are still pushing him to run. They force him to be on the ballot even when he wants to hand over to another leader. They don’t love him but they are exploiting him even at the moment they have already won their seats but they cannot even visit him,” Mungatana said.

“Raila Odinga is always used by politicians allied to him to get elected to their positions every five years and they know very well he cannot win the presidency but they keep lying to him for survival,” he added.

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