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Which method is best for beginners investing in bitcoin?

The exploration of new methods for investing in bitcoin is a healthy one and can yield significant returns. Platforms like offer numerous trading options and help you start your bitcoin trading journey without any dedicated training. However, one must fairly evaluate different methods and weigh the associated risks to determine the best approach.

Here is a breakdown of different methods experts feel are at the top of their class and suitable for beginners. The investment opportunities available in this digital asset class have never been more accessible, with more than 1,700% growth since 2012. So let’s explore the safest method to invest in bitcoin for beginners.

Different methods to invest in bitcoin:

1. A peer-to-peer exchange:

An individual’s exchange of goods or services for bitcoin constitutes a peer-to-peer exchange without any third party. These transactions between two people make up most of all transactions involving bitcoin. Therefore, this method is very safe when it is compared to other methods for investing in bitcoin.

 However, individuals new to investing should avoid this method mainly because there currently isn’t a platform that protects against fraud if anything goes wrong with their transaction. In addition, it can be risky since bitcoin wallet addresses are not protected by passwords and cannot be recovered if they are lost or stolen.

2. Bitcoin ATMs:

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the favorite methods used to buy bitcoin. While relatively safe and reliable, they are limited because people with cash can only complete transactions. For security reasons, bitcoin ATMs are privately run and operated by machines that may not have the means to protect against fraud. Furthermore, individuals will need access to a range of physical locations to utilize this investing method.

3. Trading Platforms:

Most exchanges or trading platforms offer various investment options such as futures and contracts for other currencies and bitcoin. In addition, these platforms provide secure modes for making transactions and 24/7 customer support services to help users resolve any issues or concerns.

4. Payment Apps like PayPal and Cash App:

Companies like PayPal and Cash App offer individuals the option to buy bitcoin using their credit card. Since credit cards are not reversible, this method is a bit riskier than other methods for investing in bitcoin. However, it has proven itself over time as secure and can provide reasonably high returns due to the fact that there is no need for an initial investment. A downside of this method for investing in bitcoin is that it can take weeks or months before one receives their first payment after transacting on the platform.

Let’s discuss the safest method to purchase bitcoin for beginners:

Cryptocurrency Exchange:

One of the safest, simplest, and most trusted methods for investing in bitcoin is to purchase it directly from an exchange. These exchanges are typically operated by computer systems that provide several different services. One of the reasons that these systems are so reliable is because they trust one another, and each comes with its verification systems, such as a KYC process or AML protocol. In addition, the transactions involving the exchange can take place on-site or off-site (cloud mining).

The best thing about this method for purchasing bitcoin for beginners is that there are no risks involved other than being able to make a transaction without being scammed. Additionally, this method rarely has any issue unless one loses access to their wallet.

Why should you purchase bitcoin directly from an exchange?

The key benefit of this method is that you can purchase a wide variety of digital assets (such as Bitcoin) using a credit card. Because these purchases are made with cash or a traditional banking system, there are no risks associated with being scammed. Furthermore, no one has access to the private keys, and the bitcoin ecosystem cannot reverse the transactions without compromising the entire system.

What are the differences between a centralized and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange?

The significant difference is that a single entity operates the centralized cryptocurrency exchange, and the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is a peer-to-peer system. The centralized exchange has more regulatory oversight and exists in several countries worldwide. The decentralized exchange offers greater privacy but can be somewhat complicated.

What are the primary benefits of using this method?

Investing in bitcoin is safe and allows you to purchase digital assets quickly and confidently. You can use your credit card to invest in multiple digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. People can then use these cryptocurrencies to send money to friends, send payments to merchants, and create trades on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The number of available exchanges is growing. However, it is essential to locate the exchange with the highest volume and liquidity so that your investment has the best chance of creating a significant return. Most importantly, ensure that you are not at risk of identity theft or fraud due to using this method for investing in bitcoin.

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