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Tuesday, September 6, 2022 – A Ukrainian pensioner reportedly shot down a “world-beating” £74million SU-35 Russian fighter jet over a Ukrainian city under pressure from Vladimir Putin’s army.

The pensioner reportedly downed the supersonic jet with his hunting rifle while standing on the roof of his house in Chernihiv.

In a video clip posted by Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service, Valeriy Fedorovych explains how he climbed onto the roof of his house to take a pot shot at one of the fighter jets bombing his city.

He explained: “On the second lap, how did it go?

“I went ‘bang’ with my rifle. And it was like ‘bang.’ And the Russian Su-34 jet fell.”

Images from the video show the SU-35 jet hurtling towards the ground, as onlookers cheer its destruction.

Mr Fedorovych is also filmed with his rifle slung over his shoulder and walking around the bombed out ruins of his neighbourhood.

He shows off remains of the destroyed Russian jet, that he reportedly keeps in his garage.

The incident took place in August and the pensioner was later awarded a medal for his actions.

The State Border Service of Ukraine called Mr Fedorovych a “hero” and said they wanted to reward him for his “assistance in the protection of the state border.”

A photo shows the pensioner proudly exhibiting his medal to journalists.

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