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Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga has once again given his supporters some hope, going by his latest statement.

Speaking during the meeting with a section of Azimio leaders from the Mount Kenya region, Raila oozed confidence that all was well even as his Supreme Court petition seeking to overturn President-elect William Ruto got underway.

Raila’s running mate, Martha Karua, was also among those present in the meeting.

He urged the Mt. Kenya leaders to remain strong and steadfast, saying they are going to rebuild the country together.

“Martha and I had a very positive engagement with Azimio leaders from the Central Kenya region. As Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition, we are committed to a one united Kenya policy.”

“We are walking this path together; we are going to rebuild this country together,” he said.

Among those present were Jeremiah Kioni, Charles Kibiru, Francis Kimemia, Ngunjiri Wambugu, Priscilla Nyokabi and Amos Kimunya. 

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    We commit our nation Kenya in to you HANDS against this person Raila and all his cohort of criminals united in overturning YOUR WILL of YOUR Appointed 5th President of Kenya election that took place on 9th August 2022.
    Hold these evil persons and administer your wrath against them and their families for a 1000 years and this should involve deleting them from the life their enjoy in the full glare of the world.
    LORD, take charge over our nation Kenya and destroy all members Lucifer’s foot prints for good and never let them be part of building our Republic of Kenya and destroy all the moneys and properties they own that have made the full of pride and arrogance. Destroy the all for good and implement ‘The fear of the LORD’ across our land. Never allow them to kill anybody as offering to their demons and it’s legions of demons over of land KENYA. Purify our lands and keep it Holy.
    ALMIGHTY GOD, shame Raila and all they participated in the present Azimio supreme case and let the outcome be a loss in their cooked falsified supreme case and the declared 5th President Hon Dr William Ruto as true winner of the 9th August 2022 presidential election.
    Bless our nation of Kenya and smoke the lies at the supreme court by the Raila criminal teams – delete these criminal from enjoying any life.
    May your WILL be done over our land Kenya in JESUS NAME, Amen and Amen.

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