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Thursday, September 22, 2022 – A former Member of Parliament associated with Azimio One Kenya Alliance has urged former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to announce the date when Azimio supporters will storm Supreme Court and oust Chief Justice Martha Koome and other six apex court judges.

When he returned from a holiday in Zanzibar last week, Raila Odinga threatened to organise a 1 million march to the Supreme Court to express their dissatisfaction with the court ruling on upholding the election of President William Ruto during the August 9th Presidential election.

“We can lead a one million march to the Judiciary to tell them, go home and they would have no option but to go home,” Raila said.

Reacting to Raila’s pronouncement, Former MP, Sonia Birdii, urged Jakom to announce the dates since all his soldiers are ready to storm the Supreme Court.

Just announce the dates @RailaOdinga. We are your soldiers are ready for you,…,” Birdii stated on her Twitter page.


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