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Wednesday, September 14, 2022 – A French policewoman who handcuffed a mutilator dentist has got Twitter users begging to be arrested by her.

Multi-millionaire dentist Lionel Guedj was arrested and jailed for mutilating hundreds of patients and thousands of teeth after promising his victims “celebrity smiles”.

Footage and photographs of the 42-year-old being escorted to a police car saw attention quickly shift from the suspect to the curves on the female police officer.

“Bruh this is no longer about the dentist,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Anyone else feeling the urge to break the law?” said another user.

Another said: “Someone please give me the name of this district, I need to be arrested.”

One reader referenced the article saying that their family had suffered at the hands of their own dentist, but that person was quickly shot down by a Twitter user who replied: “are you talking about the ass…. if not we don’t care right now give us a few minutes.”

Another observed: “No one is talking about the millionaire dentist and the patients he mutilated.”

Guedj and his father Carnot Guedj were both struck from the dental register.

The pair were also found guilty of inflicting “voluntary violence leading to mutilation or a permanent disability” of 327 patients, with Guedj jailed for eight years and father Carnot, 70, jailed for five years.

Watch a video of the officer below.

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