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Wednesday, September 14, 2022 – A popular Indian TV actress, Mahalakshmi and a movie producer, Ravindar Chandrasekaran, recently tied the knot.

However, they have also come under attack from trolls who accused Mahalakshmi of marrying Ravinder for the sake of money.

Ravindar was also not spared and has been targetted for his appearance as well as weight. Many posted nasty comments about him.

Mahalakshmi who was previously married, met her new husband while featuring in his upcoming movie.

Undeterred by this criticism, the newlywed did an Instagram live session together in which Mahalakshmi hit back at trolls mocking Ravindar.

The Tamil actress said no one, including Ravindar, should be insulted for their appearance.

Ravindar, on his part gave a cool response to one of them who made a bad comment about ‘what happens when you lie on top of that girl.’

“This is not because I was a producer but because a fat man married a beautiful woman,” he said, adding that love has no form.

In addition to this live session, Mahalakshmi also did an interview with Sun Television in which she debunked insinuation that she married Ravindar for his money.

According to the actress, she was financially independent and had been raising her son without any help.

Mahalakshmi said that she wanted no marriage initially. However, she decided against it after Ravindar approached her. 

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