Tuesday, 13 September 2022 – Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni had his personal armored toilet mounted on a Mercedes- Benz truck during William Ruto’s inauguration.

The entrance to the toilet even had a red carpet on the step, as with all things Presidential.

According to sources, most world dictators move around with personal armored toilets because they fear their stool may be used by enemy intelligence for health profiling, as in past incidents with Russian and Iranian leaders.

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un also flies around with his personal toilet.

The cost of Museveni’s armored personal toilet with all its security features is equivalent to buying 30 fully equipped ambulances to serve Ugandan Citizens.

“Total cost of this vanity armored personal toilet with all its security features will be equivalent of buying nearly fully equipped 30 ambulances to service the City of Kampala the Ugandan capital. Just put it in context the paranoid fuelled profligacy of African tinpot dictators,” remarked one academic on social media.

See the photo and video of the armored toilet.

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