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Monday, September 5, 2022 – Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, has congratulated President-Elect William Ruto after the Supreme Court confirmed his win during the August 9th Presidential election.

In its ruling on Monday, the seven-judge bench led by Chief Justice Martha Koome stated that Ruto attained 50 % + 1 vote of all the votes cast per article 138(4) of the constitution.

The apex court also dismissed allegations by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga that Ruto didn’t meet the 50%+ 1 votes required for a candidate to be declared President-elect.

“We declare the election of Ruto as valid. It is our finding that the declared President-Elect (Ruto) acquired 50 percent plus one vote required by the Constitution,” Koome stated.

In his congratulation message, Mudavadi said God has made Ruto triumph at the Supreme Court despite facing many barriers.

“God is great. The will of the people has been unanimously validated by the Supreme Court. Congratulations to President-elect William Ruto and the entire Kenya Kwanza Alliance fraternity. God bless Kenya,” Mudavadi stated.


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  1. YAHWEH GOD, be GLORIFIED ALONE and not any human for rejecting the kids of fossil president including the foolish one leaving.

    For your correction: it was not Hon Dr William Ruto but it as YAHWEH GOD, who did it by precision on the dot.

    YAHWEH GOD, had had enough of those useless kids of fossil president including this foolish one leaving office on the 13th September 2022.

    Congratulate YAHWEH GOD for coming for the citizens of the Republic of Kenya through William Ruto. Even Ruto doesn’t know how it all happened to him and the peace all over Kenya. YAHWEH GOD HANDS in action.

    Praise YAHWEH GOD and HIM alone.

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