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Monday, September 19, 2022 – Former Nairobi county Governor, Mike Sonko, has accused the United Kingdom of disrespecting Africa Heads of State who attended the Interment of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday.

All African heads of state who attended the funeral, including President William Ruto, were ferried in a bus and were denied a chance to use their official cars.

Only United States President Joe Biden was allowed to use his motorcade when attending the highly publicized burial.

Reacting to the humiliation of African Presidents, Sonko said the move to bundle African presidents in a bus amounts to disrespect and is very dangerous.

According to Sonko, if anything bad happened to the bus, then Africa would be in a serious crisis.

“These European People don’t have respect, how can they bundle all African presidents into one bus in London, God forbid, what would happen if anything happened to them,” Sonko stated.

Queen Elizabeth II, 96, passed on a few days ago after a short illness.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Hahahahhahhahahah The UK and USA don’t give a shit about African Leaders get back to Africa and build Africa which is a bitter truth to make matters worse Africans are not considered first class citizens just foreigners get back to Africa and build your institutions stop corruption and you will be respected poor African leaders,relax take good lessons to yoweri museven he doesn’t give a shit about the white people and that’s a true African.

  2. Monkeys. They should all be deported from the UK for corruption and murder. All those presidents are demonic forces. I wish something bad happened to that bus and they all died like the little demons that they are. The have impoverished Africa and we are supposed to care about how white people treat them? Ibilisi nyinyi. Wakufe wote.

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