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Vladimir Tretyakov in court

Friday, September 2, 2022 – A man has confessed to killing his wife and burying her corpse in a forest almost 15 years ago before starting a new life with another woman.

Accountant Vladimir Tretyakov, 45, was exposed after detectives reopened investigations and tapped his phone.

A review of old cases led detectives to return to the investigation.

When they tapped his phone, they heard him admit to killing wife Zhanna Tretyakova, then 29, according to a reliable source.

When confronted by police, the accountant, a father-of-five, confessed: “I will tell you everything, just don’t put me in jail.”

He openly admitted to investigators to punching Zhanna during a row. She fell and died of “severe head injuries”, he said.

He told officers that he wrapped her corpse in a blanket and stashed it on the balcony of their flat to hide it from their young children.

“The next day the husband loaded the body into a car and drove it to the forest in Vyborgsky district of Leningrad region, where he buried it,” said a source close to the case.

At the time, Tretyakov reported to police that his wife – with whom he had two young children, then aged seven and five – had gone missing and he actively joined a search to find her.

The row erupted after she had demanded a divorce, telling a friend she had seen his “texts with his mistress”, while he accused her of illicit contacts with men in a secret chat room.

A murder case into the missing woman’s fate was opened in 2008 but produced no results despite a huge investigation.

Meanwhile Tretyakov – deputy chief accountant at the world famous Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technology in St Petersburg – raised the couple’s two sons and later remarried second wife Maria, with whom he now has three children.

A video shows Tretyakov explaining to detectives where he claims he buried the corpse of his first wife, who he met at university.

In the video he is shown telling officers: “From memory, I left the car somewhere around here, by the ditch.

“There was a light breeze when I buried her, and two pine trees here, swaying in the wind and creaking.”

He told officers: “I remember burying her next to the ditch, there it is behind my back.

“There were two trunks of pine trees lying here, one a little higher than the other.”

However, her remains have not been located yet and would be needed to ensure his prosecution.

A court ordered his house arrest pending the investigations. Officers have only until early November to complete a criminal case against him which could lead to a 15-year jail term.

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