Monday, 26 September 2022 – A man has been accused of sexually assaulting two unconscious women at a party in Lagos, Nigeria.

The suspect was identified as Ubochi Chibuike and Twitter user @femiexe who called him out, alleged that prior to the assault incident, Chibuike tried to go home with a lady, but luckily for her, she called him femiexe first for approval and he asked her not to leave with Chibuike, oblivious to his scheming.

The Twitter user also alleged that the suspect tried jumping from the third floor of a building they were in after the allegation was made. He further disclosed that he has been handed over to the police. 

Read the tweets below

Today, you’re fucking done for. You hope and prey on the silence of your victims but you’re fucking done out here @23chibby. You’ve locked your account but that won’t save you.

If you’ve ever been sexually assaulted by @23chibby (or his burner @nutabloh ), you’re not the only one. I invited this good-for-nothing to a party and he sexually assaulted two women who were unconscious.

Prior to that, he had tried to go home with someone else, but luckily, she called me first and I asked her not to leave, oblivious to his scheming. He came back into the party and proceeded to rape two sleeping women.

I know you’ll see this thread when you’re done cooling heels with the police (if you ever get out

I’m going to follow this through to the end, if it’s the last thing I do. You should have pitied your ill mother before you went around assaulting women.

Here’s his crusty ass face I quite enjoyed pummelling in the early hours of this morning

If you weren’t guilty, why the fuck did you jump from a third-floor balcony? I hope your dislocated arm discourages you from similar foolish endeavours in the future.

I missed out on the opportunity to bash yourstupid skull in when I had the chance.

He apparently has a history of abusing his partners. People have started speaking up. You’re done.

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