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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – Award-winning Kenyan rapper, Julius Owino alias Juliani, has addressed rumours that he is broke.

Taking to his Twitter account, Juliani admitted that he is broke but far from being poor.

“Yes, I am broke, but I am far from poor. You are calling me broke, but I am not your kind of broke,” he said while reacting to online trolls.

According to the former Ukoo Flani rapper, he has spent so much money on different projects over the last three years that have made him sink into debt.

Juliani said he funds all his projects using his own money.

He doesn’t look for sponsors like his fellow artists.

However, he can’t complain because he has a roof over his head and can feed his family.

He further called out Andrew Kibe for trolling his newborn son.

“I have put my money into anything that I have done for the last three years. I am not spending enough time with my son because I am trying to pay debts and achieve what I said. I don’t have investors. I don’t mind trolls, but when Kibe mentioned my child, it was a little bit serious,” he said.

“I have a roof over my head. I can feed myself, but I have a dream for my community, provide 10,000 jobs and give artists loans. 

“I want to release more music but I can’t because the money I invested for the last five years hasn’t paid off. I gave myself 10 years and it is going to work. Don’t minimise what I am doing because you want to make people laugh,” he explained.

He also thanked Lillian for being an understanding wife.

Watch the video that he posted on Twitter.

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