Friday, 02 September 2022 – Below is an emotional post by Dj Bash of Homeboyz Radio narrating how he sunk into depression and almost took his own life.

He started the Therapy Show on Youtube to try and heal but still, his mental state is at stake.

LITERALLY CALLED THE SHOW THERAPY. IT’S RIGHT THERE. And before i got to this point, I had tried everything, I went for counseling. I saw a Therapist and got to a point I was prescribed Anti-Depressants. I joined the gym. I was cycling all over, red books, motivational talks on YouTube, Mum taking me for prayers. Name It, I did it all: All this was my trying to fight for my life while entertaining you guys with minimal or zero appreciation. Wanted to quit my job but I hang in there for Neo. Lost the fight sometimes & got suicidal but thank God for Neo, coz God knew what he was doing when he gave me a child. That boy has saved me a million times. I needed to keep my mind busy and deal with my stress! I live alone, the isolation is tough on the mind. That’s why I DJ for long hours. Am not strong am weak coz am running away from my reality with music.

That’s why I DJ for long hours. Am not strong am weak coz am running away from my reality with music. Even though I was live for 24 hours, I was just escaping life. Nothing to be proud of. I have not been able to do another Bashment Mix (Bashment 14) coz mentally am not where I was while making the other Bashments. I’ve tried but I just don’t have it anymore. You guys always asking for #Bashment14 not knowing since I dropped 13, I have been fighting depression. 

“I kept giving excuses of why the mix is not out. Coz I could not get myself to be open with yall. The Boom! Therapy: I thought let me share advice and save a few boys from making my mistakes. Guess what, Bash SHUT up and play music. So what do I do and you guys are my bosses. Do I have a choice? Nope. End the show, kept my feelings to myself and play the music for yall. Even my own crew pushed me to end the show telling me that people only care about the music. Told them i care about people learning from my experiences and not their mistakes. And views don’t mean much to me. Eventually. I gave in and here we are!

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