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Saturday, September 17, 2022 – The son of former National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, has narrated to a Nairobi court how he was drugged by ladies believed to be members of the dreaded ‘Mchele gang’ at a high-end entertainment joint in Kericho.

According to Muturi’s son, Brian Njoka, he visited the club in the company of his cousin and friends before their drinks were spiked with an unknown substance by two women.

They stole his Samsung Galaxy Note worth Ksh 100,000 before raiding his bank accounts.

They withdrew Ksh 720,800 within less than 12 hours. 

“Within less than 12 hours, a whopping Sh 720,800 had been transferred from my Standard Chartered Bank, CBA Bank, and my KCB bank account to Mpesa sent to an unknown phone number and Co-operative bank account. How this happened is a mystery to me,” Brian told the court.

He informed the court that immediately after he left the club, he returned to his hotel room and took a shower.

The next day, he travelled back to Nairobi without lodging a complaint of the lost mobile phone with any police station within Kericho town.

 Moments after arriving home, he tried to access his Standard Chartered Bank account through one of his other phones and found that he had a balance of Sh 650, yet the account had above Sh 415,000.

He immediately called the bank to confirm if indeed the alleged transactions were conducted by a third party.

He was also shocked to find that Ksh 210,000 he had deposited in his CBA bank account had been withdrawn by the suspected fraudsters.

The money was withdrawn using his phone on the same night his phone was stolen by the two women

He proceeded to Parliament Police Station where he made a report.

Asked by the prosecuting counsel on whether he shared his mobile phone pin number with any of the friends who they were drinking with at the club in Kericho, Njoka replied he cannot recall what happened after he paid the bills of Sh 15,000.

He also confirmed to the court that he was not familiar with the two women who joined him at the club on that particular night.

He was testifying in a case where two suspects Alex Njagi and Denis Murimi are charged with defrauding him of his phone valued at Sh 100,000 and cash Sh 720,800.

On August 22, 2019, Njagi is alleged to have ordered his co-accused Murimi who was in Embu county to open a cooperative bank account and register a Safaricom line for the purpose of receiving the funds from Njoka’s accounts.

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