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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – A local journalist has narrated on Twitter how a man lost Ksh 200,000 from his Equity bank account in 4 hours after visiting the bank’s branch in Kisii town.

The fraud is suspected to have been masterminded by one of the bank’s rogue staff identified as Slyvia Moraa.

Read the Twitter thread.


-Rodgers walks to EquityBank, Kisii Branch to confirm bank details for payment of gratuity as his contract with local NGO ends. It’s on Sat 17 and he’s conned Kshs200K by a bank official, who is still working.

-At the counter, Rodgers finds that his details for bank account are correct but decides to enquire about something; monthly email updates on his transactions by the bank. He approaches a lady called Sylvia Moraa who asks him to get the ticket number, an instruction he obliges. 

 -At the desk, Sylvia Moraa tells him that for him to be receiving the monthly notifications on email, he has to register with M-Banking App which they install together. She then goes ahead to tell him that he will receive a call within 2 hours for further directions. 

 -At around 12 noon, he receives a call from 0763000000 which asks him for a code. He refuses to cooperate just a few minutes later. Curiously, he is notified of a transaction at 1pm of Kshs70, 000 which he did not sanction. 

 -The money goes to Irene Jeptoo [0768539851]. A few minutes later around 1:03pm, another transaction occurs of Kshs131,000. This time it goes to Kipkoech Kosgei of 0725121869. All these individuals are strangers to him and he did not authorize transactions. 

 – Before all these transactions are made, Sylvia Moraa, who ought to have registered him to M-Banking at the counter, sends an email of his monthly transactions. She uses her work email and her contact 0764262444. It’s not clear why she insisted on M-Banking. 

 -Ideally, M-Banking has nothing to do with monthly email updates from EQUITY. Frustrated, Rodgers tries to call 0763000000 but he’s asked to report the matter. Unbowed, he uses a friend who contacts Sylvia Moraa on the number appearing in the email. 

 – The friend pretends to open an account with Equity. She says she stays at Nyankongo in Kisii. They agree to meet the following day so that she assists him. Interestingly, the friend receives a tried calling from 0768539851, the number which was used for Kshs70 K transaction. 

 -The number now goes off. Rodgers gets frustrated, he can’t get his money, his children are hungry and some need school fees. It’s this same Bank Account his gratuity is supposed to come through. He’s now subjected to unnecessary police/ court processes. 

 -This is not the first case I am reporting. In June last year, Equity refunded Kshs270,000 to an old man in Nyamira branch who was conned by employees. I raised the matter here and the bank acted. The suspects are still working in the branch. They took advantage of old age. 

 -Later last year, I also detected sequential fictitious Transitions in my bank account and I raised concerns. I was refunded Kshs20, 000 after they established that someone was withdrawing my money without my knowledge. These are not isolated cases. 

 -The fastest growing Kenyan bank is now losing trust and credibility. Their systems are porous and employees are not genuine. Kindly help Rodgers Nyakundi receive his money as soon as possible. This is necessary. We are tired of the con game. 

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