Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – Traffic jams in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, will be a thing of the past if the multi-billion plan by Governor Johnson Sakaja sees the light of day.

Sakaja came up with an ambitious plan worth Sh16 billion in conjunction with Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) that will end traffic congestion in the city.

Should the plan work, Nairobi will be home to the intelligent transport management Center to be located along Mombasa Road near City Cabanas.

“We want to deploy smart technology to ensure order in our transport sector. It makes no sense to have working traffic lights, yet the movement of vehicles is still manually controlled,” Sakaja stated.

The multi-billion project will be funded by the South Korean Government to ensure better roads for Nairobi residents.

It will sit on a 10-hectare piece of land and will incorporate the use of traffic cameras and sensors to ease traffic congestion.

In addition, it will synchronize data to provide uniform data at 100 new junctions in addition to the existing traffic lights.

“Meeting with KURA DG Silas Kinoti and the team to discuss areas of collaboration between my administration and KURA on our roads and traffic management,” Sakaja remarked.

During the meeting held on Tuesday, the team discussed ways to identify and fine offenders and also manage the traffic menace in the capital.

On his part, Kinoti called upon police and other relevant authorities to contain vandalism and theft of road infrastructure.

According to the DG, this is a menace that cripples transport in the city.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. That is total copy and paste bull shit.

    The first thing you useless imbecile should do is remove all matatus from road junctions and roundabouts (this applied on all roads). Secondly, remove police from traffic lights and let the traffic lights work. Thirdly, police should be arresting all matatus stopping and picking anywhere on our roads that at bus stops. Fourthly, arrest all those overlapping. Fifthly, no road should be opened before all road marking, signage, night reflector and etc are in place. Sixth, primitive bump with highs more that 10cm and with inclement not conforming to 1:10 should be all removed with immediate effect. Seventh, sleep limit markers should be marked on the road tarmac, since speed limit signage are removed by chokorus. Eight, all CBD county government should build car parks, it’s not the business of an investor to build structures and provide parking for the imbecile county governments. Nineth, remove matatus stage from our roads, including taxis. And finally, tenth, All politicians right from the president to mcas should be flying from their homes to parliament, no road should be closed to allow the to get to work as the expense of all road users, other wise their should take their place of work to game parks and work there with wild animal cos they are not any different from this wild animals.

    Big for nothing with copy paste brains -shida tupu.

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