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Wednesday, September 7, 2022 – Staff in Trans Nzoia County are having it very rough after Governor George Natembeya cracked the whip.

This is after he literally chased away county employees for arriving at his meeting late.

The nonsense governor ordered security personnel at a hotel to lock the gates and deny senior county officers access, who showed up late for a meeting scheduled at 9 am.

Natembeya expressed his disappointment in the county officials after they failed to keep time, noting that such behaviour will not be tolerated by his administration.

The newly elected governor sent away sixteen top officials among them County Executive Committee members (CECs) from a meeting, for arriving late.

He further directed the security officers to turn away officials who arrived past 9.00 am, the time set for the meeting.

“When I say we meet at 9 am sharp I mean 9:00 am sharp and not 9:01 am. I personally arrived here five minutes earlier so everyone should learn to keep time. Past the said time, if you are out, remain there,” Natembeya stated.

The officials were supposed to have a meeting with the governor to discuss the County Development Integrated Plan (CIDP) for the next five years.

Natembeya vowed to streamline county operations, adding that they have a mandate to Trans Nzoia residents, and being given jobs in the county does not mean they underperform.

He maintained that timekeeping is the only way for one to show commitment to their work. 

The former Rift Valley regional commissioner has been commended for his leadership style even in the past.

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  1. Those are the foolishness that comes with imbeciles in power: ujinga tupu.
    Mafala za azimio.
    What is the distance from the imbecile governor house to it’s office compared to the staff it’s already abusing as it calls for those useless baseless meeting. Shenzi sana.

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