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Friday, 02 September 2022 – Dj Bash of Homeboyz Radio has continued to express his woes on social media as he battles depression.

The skilled deejay said he is ready to sacrifice his thriving deejaying career for the sake of his peace of mind.

Bash said that he is just trying to save his life and told off those telling him that he is tainting his brand by sharing his personal problems on social media.

Bash further said that he is fed up with the endless trolls that he has been facing on social media and at the moment, his ego is bruised.

Below is his distressing post on Instagram:

This is just a brand: I don’t care if people don’t want to work with me anymore. This “PROTECT YOUR BRAND NONSENSE IS ANNOYING.” I am literally fighting for my life here. SCREAMING FOR HELP and in return, y’all tell me to SHUT UP AND PLAY THE MUSIC FOR YOU. They will be no brand to protect if I lose it. Sometimes just try to be kind. If you don’t like what someone is doing. Just avoid their content.

I had to end my own show that I was using to get by day by day. #Therapy! So that y’all can be happy. At this very moment am even ashamed of standing in front door of a DJ booth, a camera, or even open my mouth to speak on the mic. But I have to try and entertain y’all because I have a son to take care of and a crew to feed. If anyone doesn’t want to work with me because am trying to save my life, it’s alright. You have enough option.

AND I KNOW ILL BE FINE! For NEO! I have no choice! So just keep doing you. Don’t change up now. And if you haven’t called me the last 3 months. Stop with the fake care! JUST CALL THOSE YOU NORMALLY CALL. Those are your people not me. I’m good.

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