Thursday, September 29, 2022 – Detectives have already swung into action following the sudden death of ICC suspect Lawyer Paul Gicheru.

Preliminary reports indicated that Gicheru was found oozing foam from his mouth after eating lunch. 

As a result, detectives assigned to the case are thus conducting forensic toxicology to examine the contents of the food eaten, how it was prepared and its source. 

Detectives also reportedly attempted to ascertain how many people were around the house by the time Gicheru ate his meal. 

They are also conducting oral toxicology to determine whether the lawyer ingested poison and the effects it had on him and his son.

With foam seen in his mouth, as recorded in OB NO 54 at Karen Police Station, police were said to have suspected Gicheru was poisoned.

The police are further connecting the dots between what affected Gicheru, who died from the incident, and his son who survived.

Gicheru was one of Ruto’s ICC lawyers who were allegedly used by the president to interfere with witnesses leading to the collapse of his case at The Hague-based court.

Many witnesses in Ruto’s case wound up dead under unclear circumstances.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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