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Wednesday, September 7, 2022 – Kenyans may be forced to dig deeper into their pockets to afford Unga.

This is after Tanzania halted the distribution of new maize export permits to Kenyan traders, a move that is likely to worsen the already bad situation in terms of food security in the country.

The move by Tanzania is likely to cause a sharp increase in the prices of Unga in Kenya and the region.

According to millers, the shortage caused by Tanzania’s restrictions will raise the price of maize locally from Ksh 5,400 to Ksh 5,900 for a 90 kg bag.

The Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers’ publicity Secretary stated that their members were incapable of obtaining the commodity from Tanzania.

As a result, Zambia is the only key source market for maize, as most stocks from Uganda, another key source, are now heading to South Sudan due to high prices and demand in Juba.

Kenya has been counting on Tanzania and Uganda to meet rising flour demand after the supply of maize in the domestic market declined.

This comes even as Kenyans are struggling to buy a 2kg packet of maize flour at an exorbitant price of Sh210 following the end of a subsidy program that reduced the cost to Ksh100.

During his campaigns, President-elect William Ruto promised to reduce the price of Unga to a paltry Sh75, and it now remains to be seen how he will navigate through the murky waters to avail the maize flour at such a discounted price considering what Tanzania has done.

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  1. What a useless woman, trouble za majini.
    You cannot starve the citizen of Kenya by blocking trade between Kenya and TZ.
    GOD has opened our skies, soon we shall have surplus of food to export as yours will be depleting.
    What’s the difference between your former fossil who ordered innocent chick to be burned a life and you selling masai land to imbecile arabs at the game park@ who’ve shared their lands with wild animals than killing them and now with your legions of jini are blocking traders from trading with Kenya – ushenzi za ukuma madarakani.

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