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Wednesday, August 24, 2022 – President-elect William Ruto’s apologist and renowned Lawyer Ekuru Aukot, was left with an egg on his face after he was given a hard tackle by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

This is after Aukot tried to bastardize and demean Azimo Leader Raila Odinga’s petition at the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn Ruto’s controversial victory; something that did not go down well with Mutunga.

The two, who are lawyers by profession, clashed on social media in a heated exchange after Aukot made remarks that did not augur well with the former CJ.

“Wasting time of Kenyans on a frivolous lawsuit or petition should be criminalized,” Aukot tweeted in an apparent response to a petition filed by Azimio la Umoja One Kenya flagbearer Raila Odinga.

But in a quick rejoinder to the comments, the former CJ poked holes into them apparently to question his role in the making of the 2010 Constitution.

“Says the former secretary of the committee of experts that gave us the 2010 constitution. What a pity. Greatly misguided. A petition needs a remedy. How can that be criminalized? Smacks of fascism,” Mutunga responded.

Mutunga did not stop there, he went on to say that the 2010 Constitution provided an avenue for election petitions so that those who feel aggrieved can have their matters solved.

“You have not addressed the criminalization! And I don’t know which provision of the Constitution decrees that Kenyans cannot file petitions however frivolous. 

“It’s the Supreme Court that will decide if they are,” Mutunga added.

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