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Wednesday, August 24, 2022 – Finland’s party-loving prime minister issued an apology today after two of her female friends were pictured posing topless and kissing each other in her official government residence.

The cheeky image was taken beside Sanna Marin’s desk against an official blue backdrop board in a workspace where she is often filmed making official Government announcements.

Reports on Tuesday, August 23 say one of the two attractive women in the picture is Ms Marin’s  friend Sabina Särkkä, 33, who is now a social media influencer.

One of the topless women used an official sign, spelling out ‘Finland’ to hide her modesty by covering her bare breasts in the photograph.

The sign normally sits on Ms Marin’s desk when she takes part in international video conferences, often talking to other European Union and world leaders.

Ms Marin, 36, was forced to admit today that the photograph which was screenshotted from a video should ‘never have been taken’ after it began circulating on Twitter.

She said it was taken when she was entertaining a group of her friends in her garden on the evening of Sunday July 10 this year after they had earlier attended Finland’s Ruisrock rock festival.

Ms Marin said her friends only had access to her house to use the toilets, and used the opportunity to take the video which was later screenshotted.

It was originally posted on Ms Särkkä’s TikTok account, along with another video showing her and other friends of Ms Marin dancing in the gardens of her house which was built in 1863 on a secluded waterside spot with its own jetty.

The second video featured the friends including Ms Särkkä led by Finnish singer-songwriter Alma, 26, as they sashayed down a path beside a tennis court.

Marin has been under political pressure in recent days over a string of leaked videos showing her dancing and visibly drunk during a friend’s night out.

The married leader could also be seen dancing intimately with a Finnish singer during the night out in Helsinki.

On Monday test results showing she didn’t ingest any drugs were released by her office after opposition party members urged her to do a drugs test.

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