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Monday, 29 August 2022 – Renowned media personality Sheila Mwanyighah has revealed what prompted her to lose weight.

Speaking in an interview, Sheila said age is one of the main factors that motivated her to become a fitness freak.

She had tried to check up on her diet but this did not work, prompting her to hit the gym.

She started her fitness journey last year and so far, she has managed to achieve her fitness goals.

The former NTV host revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic was also a contributing factor to her fitness journey after losing two of her friends.

“Seeing people I knew die of Covid-19-related complications moved me. 

“And I think one or two of them did not even know they had underlying conditions and by the time they were finding out, they were were dead and buried,” she said.

“The second thing that gave me a wake-up call is that I am advancing in age. 

“Not that I am an ancestor or anything but you are just thinking that already my bandwidth of coping with things is faulty and life is not necessarily getting easier. 

“But you have to get stronger. How do you get stronger when the first thing you wake up n the morning is that you are tired? 

“This was a warning bell and I realized I could not fix the problem I was having with dieting,” she added. 

Sheila said her whole lifestyle has changed and this is evident through the latest photos that she has been sharing on her social media pages.

However, it has been a journey.

“My whole lifestyle has changed. What you are seeing on the outside is because of the things that are happening on the inside. It is never something that just happens overnight,” she said.

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