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Tuesday, August 9, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed confidence in the electoral process after casting his vote in Gatundu South Constituency, Kiambu County.

Speaking to the media after voting, Uhuru stated that the process was smooth, urging Kenyans to turn up in large numbers and vote.

He also added that Kenyans should give the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) time and space to tally and announce the results.

“It is every Kenyan’s hope that this election will be free and fair. The process was smooth. I wasn’t there for too long and the systems seemed to be working, so we just hope it continues like that for the rest of the day.”

“This is a day of voting and we pray that Kenyans turn out to vote in peace and go back home to await for the results,” Uhuru stated.

Uhuru was accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, who cast her vote early in the morning. The First lady was pictured queuing in line with other Kenyans in the morning at St Mary’s School in Nairobi.

Uhuru and First Lady are all supporting Azimio candidate Raila Odinga.

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  1. Puppet Master Uhuru,You will not joke with Kenyans who are hungry and youths who are bitter,very angry with your useless a-genders your government is worse no wonder many people won’t vote as you expected your a hopeless leader,puppet master raila and clown Martha karua should be in dilemma and very worried we won’t go back and be your slaves Kenyans are very angry:
    1.Kenyan leaders you can’t be trusted
    2.Many Kenyan leaders are drug dealers and cartels.
    3.Kenya leaders are corrupt with useless egos
    4.kenyan leaders have no dignity and potential to lead there own people.
    5.kenyan leaders don’t respect there citizens they use abusive languages in podiums.
    6.Kenyan leaders have no plans and if they have they don’t act on them with truth and dignity only corrupt is there daily activity morning to evening.
    7.kenyans leaders are sexual animals they have no morals towards society we see it in the media’s and funding slay queens with government money
    8.Kenyan leaders are Killers they don’t respect life and not brave enough.
    Whether voting, the result is the same: A corrupt corporate government,Most politicians are corrupt as they do not represent the masses that voted for them, but rather they choose to return numerous favors to the corporations that funded their election campaigns.

  2. No # 8 is very true. Politicians seems to owe their allegiance to their financial supporters and have little or no regards to masses for voters. Who will turn the tide and have them focus on the well-being of the Masses?

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