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Monday, August 22, 2022 – The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has already filed a petition at the Supreme Court to challenge President-elect William Ruto’s controversial victory.

Raila and other political heavyweights from Azimio arrived at the Supreme Court a few minutes before 1 PM to witness the filing of the presidential petition with a lorry full of evidence to the utter surprise of Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team. 

After arrival, a lorry was seen making its way to the precincts of the Supreme Court and in it were tonnes of evidence packed in cartons to back Raila’s petition.

The boxes of evidence were offloaded from the truck and presented to the court clerks by the Azimio leaders.

Raila, Martha and Kalonzo were seen carrying boxes containing files that will be used in the petition.

Among the leaders present were Peter Kenneth, Charity Ngilu and Kalonzo Musyoka. They were accompanied by Senior Counsel James Orengo among other lawyers in their team.

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  1. YAHWEH GOD is on control!

    In that court there will be 8 supreme judges with one not visible but taking control of shaming and exposing Azimio in full glare of the world on their cooked cases.

    For fur too long our courts have been vessel of injustice but this time round YAHWEH will set thing straight to the shock of azimio and the judges. YAHWEH GOD, has had enough and enough is enough.

    At the end of it, Uhuru and his cohort of criminal will be deleted once and for all from the face of the earth and the whole Republic of Kenya will see the HAND of YAHWEY GOD action and the fear of the LORD will be felt all over the world, may YAHWEH GOD be glorified.

    To all citizen of Kenya, don’t feel remorse over what will befall Uhuru, Raila, M. Karua and all the lawyers and the supreme judges that will rule in favour with azimio cooked case. They will hate why they were born.

    The FEAR of YAHWEY GOD, is saying the TRUTH and Acting RIGHTEOUS as one code of practice.

    YAHWEY GOD, we commit the false presidential case in to your hand, we bind it and cast it to the bottom pit for ever and ever. May your WILL be done. Amen and Amen.

  2. These are useless baboons with their fallacies that appeal to zombies.

    Even the 7 judges can’t go through all that garbage in 14 days. That is the stupidity that comes with this loser of election.

    They will have a rough time in court proving their cooked lies with the time given in court to warrant the whole lorry with useless baggage that will not add any value in their zombies case.

    They have lost the case even before it’s started, what a waste of time in fixing the cry baby that never accepts election outcomes. It will be a major blow to him as the declaration of the 5th President was. This time round he will get the rude shock of his life that will lead to cardiac arrest that will send him to abyss direct.

    Bad luck demon with your legions of demons.

    It’s more miseries for azimio zombie by choice: you can’t help them, in their self destruction.

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