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Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – China is said to be closely following Kenya’s election following the controversial statement by Deputy President William Ruto that he will deport all Chinese Nationals if he wins the August 9th General Election.

While campaigning in Nairobi, Ruto threatened to deport Chinese Nationals in retail trade to protect Kenyan traders from unfair competition; a statement that caused jitters in Beijing.

According to a highly placed source, despite refraining from stating its position on the matter, China is seriously hurting from Ruto’s reckless statement.

“A senior aide to Ruto, who has been in contact with Chinese officials, admitted that the comments went down badly in Beijing,” UK-based Financial Times reported. 

China Ambassador to Kenya, Zhou Pingjian, is also yet to speak on the August 9 General Election which has focused more on economic recovery.

Offsetting China’s loans is one of the measures all four presidential candidates are exploring. 

Ruto in different sets of interviews and rallies also spoke against China’s influence on Kenya, from job creation to loans. 

“These are Kenyan businesses and for those engaged in them, we have enough aeroplanes to deport them back to where they came from,” Ruto said.

“That Chinese nationals are roasting maize and selling mobile phones! All those businesses are for Kenyans,” he added. 

His allies also vowed to hold Beijing accountable for what they argued were poorly disbursed loans that were embezzled rather than developing the nation. 

“We know the owners of the newly constructed Nairobi Expressway. We are telling the Chinese Government that we will hold you and your companies to account. Any government that gives loans and debts in the next two months, you are violating the constitution,” Ruto’s ally Aden Duale stated in a rally in Nairobi.

On the contrary, Azimio candidate Raila Odinga has promised to improve diplomatic relations with all foreign superpowers, including China.

“China came in as a result of many African nations’ failure to raise capital for infrastructure development. Working with China is not to the exclusion of the rest. We want to work with everyone else. We want Europeans to come and invest in Africa,” he stated in May 2022. 

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