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Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned Mt Kenya residents against voting for Deputy President William Ruto in the August 9, presidential election.

While responding to Deputy President William Ruto’s allegations that he was after harming him, his family, and his allies, Uhuru accused Ruto of playing deceitful politics to win voters’ sympathy.

According to Uhuru, Ruto is just amplifying what he will be doing when he ascends to power in August with his wild claims.

“Those telling me not to kill their children are only telling me not to do what they, themselves would do if they were in my position. That is what they just think about. That’s what they would do if they were in power. They are led by the devil. I am led by my God,” Uhuru stated.

While defending his choice of Azimio candidate Raila Odinga, Uhuru said the country will not be safe in William Ruto’s hands because he will use his position to harm many.

“Ule mtataka mimi ndio nitapatia kisu, kama ni kisu ya kuwaongoza na kuwalinda ama ni ya kuwakata nyiyi ndio mtajua tumeskizana vile tunaongea juu kisu iko na pande mbili ya kuchunga boma ama ya kukata na kumaliza watoto…mjichagulie,” Uhuru said.

Loosely translated “Whoever you want is the one I will give the sword, the knife has two sides, to take care of the house or to cut and kill the children… choose for yourself.”

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    All voter should come in huge number to vote for the DP and not this imbecile criminal in azimio la wachawi and majambazi.


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