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Thursday, August 4, 2022 – Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, is now as good as the next president.

This is after a group of Kenyans living in the United Kingdom (UK) threw their weight behind his candidature.

With exactly five days to the crucial vote, the group vowed to mobilise other Kenyans in Diaspora to follow suit.

They hailed Raila as a reformist and development-oriented leader who would carry on with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy.

Led by the Rao Diaspora campaign coordinator Ali Ali and Secretary-General Rose Seko, the group said they have well-organized teams drumming up support for Raila’s bid around the globe.

“The fruits of our efforts will be clear on August 9. We have a well-organized team running Raila’s campaigns here in the UK and in other countries, including Kenya,” said Ali.

The group has been organizing virtual rallies that have been addressed by Raila as well as the Diaspora Caravan in Mt Kenya.

“We have teams in Mt Kenya, Rift Valley, and Western conducting door-to-door campaigns to ensure nothing is left to chance in ensuring that Raila and his running mate, Martha Karua win this election,” added Ali.

He warned Kenyans against electing Deputy President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team, terming them corrupt and untrustworthy.

“These are corrupt leaders that cannot be trusted with leadership. You can’t elect a corrupt person to fight corruption. Raila and Karua are clean politicians and therefore it is easy to trust them to deal with this problem,” said the Rao Campaign coordinator.

The same message was echoed by Seko who warned that Kenya’s economy risks collapsing if left in the hands of the corrupt.

“We must vote for Raila and Karua to deny the thieves the instrument of power, otherwise we will be doomed. Kenya is safe in the hands of Baba and Martha,” said Seko.

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  1. Imbecile!

    You have your own votes and not mine: I vote for Ruto not a Vampire, terrorist and a retarded old witch and very corrupt as his handshake brother with it’s abyss regime.

    Not my vote and these imbeciles are only talking for themselves.

    Majority of diaspora will be working and the public holiday is only applicable in Kenya and abroad embassies with appointees of this abyss regime – who will be rigging the election, cos diaspora will be working and don’t have the laxity to travel to embassies to vote. These fools will note add any value to the voter in Kenya, who are in touch with the reality of an imbecile abyss regime. Enjoy your diaspora live and let the natives votes send these handshake legion of demons home on their broad highway to abyss on M1 before junction 1.

  2. They say where you think is paradise is hell and where is hell is paradise Azimio or watu wakuzimia with the puppet raila its a tragedy for this Nation as the puppet master campaign for the puppet raila and the clown karua dancing in the podium it’s a matter of time when The puppet master clinches back to power to protect the wealth of his family and continue to make Kenyans slaves for his own will, too-save this nation from corrupt puppet master uhuru and puppet raila we only have one opposition to much in central bank of Kenya with tents and candles and blankets until the puppet master Uhuru and puppet raila are prosecuted plus the drug cartel Joho and his family are brought in to books to save this nation from corrupt recycled drug cartels leaders they cannot chose to us who should be president or not only the taxpayers as citizens of Kenya have the right to choose who will be president be careful puppet master on how you trade and remember all Kenyans know your plans and we are ready to vote electrically or manually which ever and between you,the clown and the puppet the power belongs to citizens remember what happened to the late Daniel moi we are tired with you immature boys we are ready for you as the clock is ticking trade wisely it’s not a warning it’s a reality and truth.

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