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Reasons Why GamStop Self-Exclusion Program Is Perfect For Kenyans

Let’s start with a few basics. Gambling in Kenya is becoming more and more popular. More people simply want to have fun and enjoy online gambling as much as they can. At the same time, this means that they would need a self-exclusion program. These programs have been more than just successful and very appealing. Here you can see the main reasons why Kenyan players need a program of this kind today.

You Cannot Cancel It

The main reason is the simplest one. When using self-exclusion you cannot cancel nor remove it. You will have to obey the ban time frame and there is no way around it. This is mandatory due to obvious reasons. The only way is to use NonGamStopSlots brands which are available for GamStop users because they have not joined to self-exclusion program yet. But if every region implements the program, that option will disappear. Self-exclusion programs work in a simple way and this feature is one of the most essential and honestly the ones that make a count. Keep in mind that software of the same kind has this perk as well but it is less effective.

That being said there is no need to contact customer support, ask for loopholes, or anything similar in order to try and remove the self-exclusion. This is not possible, period.

Solves Gambling Addition

Self-exclusion platforms are very effective, as you may know. They work in a simple way and they are very appealing to use. What all of this means is that when a person has a problem with gambling, he can easily opt for the use of this platform and he will be able to cure his addiction. How this is possible you may ask?

Self-exclusion platform allows you to create an account and all online casinos and betting sites will reject your account and won’t allow you to gamble there. When you cannot gamble, you cannot indulge your addiction. You cannot remove or cancel this ban hence you must obey it. Once you are feeling better and you don’t have the addiction anymore, you can gamble again. Of course, you will still have to wait for the selected period of time to expire.

There are a lot of examples of this kind out there but the best one is GamStop which is available in the United Kingdom. It measures a massive success rate of over 90% and all the users love it. The longest ban here is 5 years but most active users would like life-long self-exclusion.

Makes Online Gambling Safer

Most players believe that online gambling is not safe and that they don’t have any rights, protection, or anything like that. This is not the actual case. Kenyan players would feel much better if they knew that there is something behind that that will help them if needed.

Let’s take a simple example of why the promotions of self-exclusion services and other safer gambling features are necessary. If you gamble and there is no self-exclusion program and you end up with a gambling addiction, what are you going to do? You need to start treatment but you will still have a hard time keeping yourself away from gambling. If you have self-exclusion available you can be positive that even if addiction occurs you have the solution for it and you can use it immediately. All we are trying to say here is that the self-exclusion program makes online gambling safer and more appealing, especially to people who are worried about developing gambling addiction at some point.

It is Completely Free

Gamblers love free things. They are more likely to use free things than paid ones, which is normal. Well, self-exclusion platforms are free and they should be. What this means is that a gambler doesn’t need to worry about a monthly subscription or anything similar. The latter means that if you miss your payment, you won’t be able to keep yourself away from online gambling. This has been one of the most common issues with software and options similar to GamStop. It is also one of the reasons why GamStop has been so popular in the UK.

For gamblers, every amount of money counts. They want to make the most of it and they will like to use it for gambling as you may believe. This also means that they would rather use that money for playing slots than on subscriptions for software that will keep them away from slots. This is the main reason why paid software and similar options are far less common. Add the fact that they are not more effective than free self-exclusion programs and you can see the importance.

The Final Word

Kenyan players need a self-exclusion program as soon as possible and then need an advanced one. This will make a massive difference and it can make the whole process much safer, more appealing, and make online gambling better. It is the right way to do business and care about people. We only hope that it will become available anytime soon and we hope that Kenyan players will have the time to accept and learn more about the program and why it is so mandatory.

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