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Thursday, August 4, 2022 – Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga is the next president of Kenya like it or not.

This was confirmed by the latest Infotrak opinion poll.

According to Infotrak’s final poll, Raila Odinga would win in at least 24 counties if elections were held today.

The poll showed that if the voter turnout stood at 99%, Raila would win a majority of the 10.8 million votes in the 24 counties. 

Infotrak explained that if Raila could get half of the undecided votes, he would win the election in round one with 52%, an equivalent of 11.4 million votes.

On the other hand, Deputy President William Ruto is leading in 17 counties with 9.3 million registered voters.

The poll indicated that if the voter turnout stood at 99%, Ruto would get the majority of the 9.3 million votes in those counties. 

The poll went ahead to show that even if Ruto won 100% of the undecided votes, he would still not clinch the presidency as he would not hit the 50% plus one vote.

The poll mirrors a separate one conducted by TIFA, which indicated that Raila would win the election with 53% of the votes cast.

In the same poll, DP Ruto would get 45% of the total votes.

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    Only baboon will accept that primitive backdoor azimio la mashetani and imbecile of this abyss regime, empty skull academic and whore mpig/senator rallying putting the legion of demons as winning but it ill be shocked:

    Advice the handshake imbecile to show where it will be buried due to the stroke induced by the outcome of the 9th August 2022 election.

    The citizens have had enough of this legion of demons and nobody need’s in our nation politics.

    They should rejected in kind.

    Let’s all vote for freedom against this azimio imbeciles and the present thugs of uhuru in it government. They loots they’ve stolen should be refunded with 100% interest.

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