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Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – It appears that Azimio candidate Raila Odinga has already won this coming election, going by the latest opinion poll conducted by Nation Media Group.

The poll carried out between July 30 and August 1, showed that Raila Odinga is the most popular presidential candidate at 49%, followed by Kenya Kwanza’s William Ruto, whose rating stands at 41%.

The poll also places Roots Party Candidate George Wajackoyah at position three with 2% while David Waihiga of Agano Party has 0.2%.

At least 7% of the respondents are yet to decide on their preferred candidate according to the poll, a figure which could flip the outcome and guarantee Raila’s a first-round win in next week’s election.

“The poll has a sample size of 2,400 respondents and a margin of error of +/- 2% and 95% degree of confidence,” the report reads in part.

The poll, whose respondents were interviewed through telephone, covered all the 47 counties and 290 constituencies of Kenya. 

The latest poll shows an improvement by Raila from a tie with Ruto at 42% in May.

Raila has added 7% to have 49% while Ruto’s rating dropped by 1% to stand at 41%.

Out of the nine regions namely; Nyanza, Lower Eastern, Coast, Northern, Western, Nairobi, South Rift, Mt Kenya and North Rift, the Azimio flag bearer beats Dr. Ruto in six regions.

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  1. YAHWEH GOD, don’t allow voter across the boundaries of Kenya to vote for Raila on 9th August 2022. Save our country from these evil persons and give our nation a GOD serving president as the 5th president of Kenya. You created all human-beings on Earth and assigned the a GUARDIAN ANGEL, COMMAND ALL voters Guardian Angels to to allow then to vote for Raila, as you free our nation from these evil person and evil abyss regime from form government in Kenya until your coming. Let FREEDOM COME AS FROM 9TH AUGUST 2022. THANK YOU LORD AND MAY BE YOUR WILL AS IT IS OUR WILL AND DESIRE. Amen and Amen.

  2. Kenyans of all respect who are the biggest thieves in Kenya you don’t have to be told or reminded i always say Kenya has cursed leaders and the person who broke it was the late Kibaki think Kenyans and think wisely,I always told you and for how long should I remind you Kenyans that Azimio deputy Karua is a clown,Uhuru is the puppet master and Raila is a puppet,Kenyans you have brains but you don’t think and you have eyes but you don’t see what’s wrong with Kenyan society you’re educated but you don’t use your education to the fullest,The puppet master accrued land when he was 15 years and the father and mother are the biggest thieves in Kenya raila the same what more does Kenyans need to understand I will bring a voodoo priest from Argentina to make Kenyans understand.

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