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Thursday, August 4, 2022 – Giant telephone company Safaricom has told Kenyans to rest easy because no one will be able to rig elections this time around.

Speaking during a prayer function organized by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the National Council of Churches of Kenya at Bomas, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa assured Kenyans that he has put in place the necessary infrastructure to ensure the smooth transmission of election results.

According to Ndegwa, Safaricom is ready to offer efficient services that will enable free and fair elections.

“We assure you no one will interfere with the content that will be transmitted to IEBC. We will do anything possible to support the process and if there are questions we will answer them in real-time,” Ndegwa said.

Safaricom has been tasked with providing a 4G internet connectivity that will enable the transmission of election results.

Ndegwa said they are ready to facilitate the IEBC during the election even as he said they do not favour any political side.

“We will play our best. We have the best infrastructure. We are a neutral party, we want the transmission to happen inappropriate way,” he said.


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    You are in that job not because you have any merit for the job.

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    Safaricam is an imbecile company and nothing good comes from it. The majority share holders kenyan are thugs. I hope the Ethiopian will avoid it in total and let it die a natural death. Their bad code of practice should not be shipped to other african country in bring these bad manners to their countries.

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