Friday, August 5, 2022 – A mum who is “immune” to birth control is pregnant with her 13th child.

Alexis Brett, 42, had ten boys in a row and continued having babies.

Her 11th child was a baby girl, welcomed in 2019.

Since then Alexis has had another boy, Orran.

But Alexis and her partner, 47-year-old David, a retired train driver, didn’t stop there and now they’re having baby number 13 and it’s another girl.

Now Alexis, who is a stay-at-home mum, says that she’s had enough and her 13th child will be her last.

She said: “I’ve had another boy and I’m due another girl on the 13th of this month. The family was big before but it’s even bigger now.

“It never bothered me whether it was a boy or a girl, it was just a shock – it was shocking this time too.

“She’s called Cameron, I don’t know what I’ll call the new one – I’ll decide when she gets here.

“Cameron is three at the end of this month – looking after her, there are some differences, but it’s about the same as the boys.

“Number 12 was born 12 weeks early last May, he was prem. I’ve got baby 13 on the way – it’s just normal now, I’m looking forward to getting it over and done with. This will be my last one, I’m 42 now.”

“I’d never planned to have a large family, but now I do, I love it,” Alexis, who is an only child, said.

Alexis reckons she is “immune” to most birth control and is now contemplating getting sterilised.

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