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Tuesday, August 9, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed Deputy President William Ruto’s worst fears over the weekend.

This is after he vowed never to go anywhere after his retirement following the end of his two legal terms in office as president.

Speaking to vernacular stations drawn from the vote-rich Mt Kenya region on Sunday, Uhuru said he will still be around even after his retirement to help the next president, preferably Raila Odinga, to run the next government.

“It is just this seat that I will leave to someone else, but I will be around. I won’t be called and be told that the country requires me then look away,” stated Uhuru.

One of the main areas President Uhuru said will actively work with the next government was to ensure that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is revived.

“One more thing I regret is the BBI failure. I pray that I will be able to work with the incoming administration to fulfill it. Pesa ya serikali ilingane na watu (government resources shared should be proportional to the number of people),” he added.

President Uhuru said the 2010 constitutional amendments were meant to bring about change and not extend his stay in office as claimed by its opponents like Deputy President William Ruto.

“My aim was not to continue being in power, I only wanted change for people but then propaganda was spread that I wanted to continue being in power and most people believed the theory,” he said.

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