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How Can Businesses in Kenya use Gamification to Keep Customers Coming Back?

Over 24 percent of Kenyans have bought things online, and the eCommerce sector in the country is expected to blow up as internet penetration spreads further. It’s the ideal time for entrepreneurs here to start building a reputation before the market becomes too saturated.

Business owners need to work out ways to stand out from the competition, and client retention is key when there are rival companies that people can turn to. One way to keep people coming back to your site is to introduce gamification elements that engage them.

Customers can Collect Points to Exchange for Bigger Rewards

One of the core aspects of gaming is collecting some sort of in-game currency and accumulating as much as possible. Ever since the early days of the industry, games have used this element to keep players occupied and give them a task to perform. For example, on old platform games, characters would have to collect coins or rings across a level. This element worked well, and many players were diligent in gathering all the items they need to pick up.

Businesses can use a similar points system to give customers a sense that they are working towards something. Instead of just giving out this game currency when people make purchases, they could also earn from completing tasks on a website such as signing up or registering a payment method.

Take Advantage of a Variable Interval Reinforcement Schedule

Giving rewards to loyal customers is a common strategy of businesses, with more than 90 percent of companies having some sort of system in place to keep customers coming back for more. When all the businesses in Kenya do this, though, how can business owners set themselves apart from their rivals?

One way to do something different would be to introduce gamification elements to the reward system to make it more engaging. This is where the popular slot game market could serve as inspiration. As Heather Ferris states in this article on betting tips, understanding the overall psychology of gambling is crucial to cater to players’ needs and tendencies. For example, a lot of casino games use something called a variable interval reinforcement schedule, where players are rewarded at random times. It’s a psychological trick used by game developers that actually encourages people to keep playing games for longer. With the constant promise of a potential reward, players are much more likely to invest their time and energy with a certain game title, owing to the fact there’s a perceived chance of heightened success in some form or the other.

In a reward program, giving rewards out at random intervals like this could lead people to spend more time at an eCommerce site in the hope of receiving something.

Turn the Website into a Game

Another great technique that could make customers navigate towards a company is if there are game elements of the site itself. Through some cunning web design, you could include platform-style elements that customers have to complete to reveal more of the site.

Another option could be to capture the social side of gaming that has made MMOs so popular. A way to do this would be to allow customers to create avatars on the site. They could see other avatars who are shopping at the same time and chat with them.

Gamification is a winning technique that has been used across various industries. It could be an excellent way for businesses in Kenya to get noticed and keep customers coming back for more.

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