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Friday, August 19, 2022 – The Independence party, KANU, has called for the formation of a coalition government between President-Elect William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio La Umoja Alliance led by veteran politician Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Thursday, KANU chairman in Mt Kenya, Njunge Mukirae, said to end the current political uncertainty in the country, Ruto and Raila Odinga must sit together and agree to form a grand coalition government.

“I think the two leaders should explore the formation of a government of national unity as was the case in 2008 popularly known as Nusu Mkate instead of subjecting Kenyans to court cases thereby exposing the country to weeks of uncertainties,” he said.

Mukirae further noted that the move will not only nourish communal harmony among Kenyans who voted for their favourite candidates but also fight regionalism and casteism.

Ruto was declared the winner of the just concluded presidential election but Raila Odinga who emerged number two has vowed to move to the Supreme Court to challenge his victory.

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  1. Imbecile mzee!

    The race was a clean one.

    Nusu mkate option only applies with mungiki only who steal election in 2007.

    The demon should accept he lose 10 nil and should no cry and file a case that holds no merit. Kishenzi tu!

    The voters rejected it and his tribe only voted for his choices only and that is not somebody carrying the national face of unity.

    In it satanic handshake abyss regime, did he care about the voters? Not at all. It should go direct to abyss and probably ask Lucifer to give him nusu mkate there, but it will not happen there cos there there is no peace buy demons and darkness.

    He should accept and move on to abyss: after all nobody cares about the demon with his legions of demons.

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