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Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – The split in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) over the presidential results announced by Chairman Wafula Chebukati has taken another twist.

This is after the dissenting commissioners gave their reasons for not agreeing with Chebukati’s declaration of Deputy President William Ruto as President-elect.

According to Chebukati’s figures, the total valid votes received by the four stood at 14,213,137. 

While Ruto got 7,176,141, an equivalent of 50.49 per cent, Raila got 6,942,930 (48.85 per cent), Wajackoya 61,969 (0.44 per cent) and Mwaure 31,987 (0.23 per cent), the total percentage stood at 100.01.

However, according to Juliana Cherera, the Vice Chair of the IEBC, the aggregation of the percentages of the results scored by the 4 presidential candidates exceeded the 100% mark, the 0.01% translates to 142,000 votes which made a significant difference in the final presidential results.

Besides, she noted that Chebukati lied by claiming that Raila attained 25% of votes in 34 counties while Ruto attained 25% in 39 counties because there were no figures to compare them with.

However, 0.01 % actually translates to 1400 votes and not 142,000 as claimed by IEBC Vice Chair.

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  1. Congratulations President elect William Samoi Ruto Kenya must and will Move forward we Kenyans like it or not,William ruto you’re the Captain of the ship make sure all 47 counties and tribes are on board in your government and Am warning you don’t side line any tribe be wise and may God give you wisdom to lead this nation Kenya,don’t be like the puppet master Uhuru be wise my brother you will win the hearts of many just like Kibaki he spoke less and acted with wisdom.

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    Simple mathematics that can be done by a class 3 child is rocket science to these imbeciles.

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    YAHWEH GOD, come for all the oppressed citizens of the Republic of Kenya and saved the nation from these useless manner-less legions of demons dependants in their wishful dreams of forming the 13th parliament and gave them 10 nil.

    The POWER of YAHWEH is so powerful and it’s time all imbeciles including these 4 No. crime cohort, should apologize to all citizens of Kenya to siding with fraudsters in their schemes of trying to have the demon as the 5th president – they should apologize or perish.

    Kenya is bigger than the vampire fraudster Raila Odinga the legions of demon dependent and operating system and code of conduct. Even Lucifer is a shame of him.

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