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Saturday, 06 August 2022 – Renowned media personality Betty Kyallo has ruled out holding a white wedding ever again after her hyped marriage with Dennis Okari crumbled.

Betty and Okari had a messy breakup, just six months after exchanging vows in a colourful wedding.

Betty admitted that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she walked down the aisle.

 “I can’t believe how things went. It was such a nice relationship and very light. We had a special relationship. The wedding was huge and I didn’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves in,” the mother of one said on her reality show ‘Kyallo Kulture’.

She disclosed that her marital woes started after their honeymoon.

 “Things started coming up immediately after our honeymoon. One thing after another with the family, and after some time, I started feeling like that was not the life I signed up for, and we started having issues. And after some time, I decided this is not working,” she recounted.

Betty said she knew there would be backlash and ridicule after the divorce, but she chose peace and happiness.

She said the divorce changed how she views marriage, hence her resolve to never walk down the aisle.

Betty is, however, open to a come-we-stay kind of relationship or holding a traditional wedding.

“The divorce changed my perception about marriage. If I get a nice guy who I think I would want him to be my partner for life, I probably would not go down the aisle,” she said.

Adding: “I would just probably date, come we stay or do a traditional wedding and leave it at that. I don’t know but I feel like the white dress, there is something about that white dress.”

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