Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – Azimio candidate Raila Odinga’s running mate, Martha Karua, has cautioned Deputy President William Ruto against remarks that might ignite tension in the country.

Speaking during Azimio campaigns, Karua said that Ruto had over 276 bodyguards as revealed by CS Fred Matiang’i. 

She urged Ruto to assign one of his bodyguards to protect his family after the DP claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta was plotting to kill his family.

“I know the Deputy President has more than 276 bodyguards. Mimi nakuomba, kama unahofia maisha ya yeyote kwa nyumba yako, tafadhali wapatie askari wa kutosha na kama hawatoshi wewe bado umeajiriwa na serikali ya Kenya uliza uongezewe lakini usieke Nchi kwa hali ambayo sio nzuri ukijua ya kwamba sio ukweli ya kwamba familia yako iko hatarani,” Karua said.

She told Ruto that he had been abusing Uhuru for the longest time without any reaction from the president and there was no need to lie to the public because of politics.

Ruto sensationally claimed that his family was being targeted by President Kenyatta who has since dismissed the claims. 

Ruto accused the President of sowing seeds of discord ahead of the August polls.

“If you do not want to support me, leave me alone. With a lot of respect Mr President be a decent Human being, Kuwa muungwana, kuwa na shukurani, sisi ndo tulikusaidia, wacha kujifanya. Sasa wewe umeanza kunithreaten ati sijui utanifanya nini, bora usiue watoto wangu. Mimi na wewe tafadhali tuheshimane,” he stated.   

In a rejoinder, the Head of State noted that his deputy and UDA brigade had been abusing him for the last three years yet no harm had come to them. 

“Hakuna haja ya kuambia watu nataka kukuua. Si mumenitusi karibu miaka tatu. Kuna mtu amewagusa? Hiyo miaka mitatu si nimekua kwa kiti. Si nilikua na uwezo? Sasa wakati naelekea kupeana serikali na sina uwezo ndo niko na time ya kukutafuta? Uza sera zako na uachane na mimi,” Kenyatta stated. 

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