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Are Kenyan Gambling Operators On GamStop?

If you live in Kenya and you like online gambling you are probably wondering about GamStop and local support. This is perfectly normal due to the overall popularity of gambling in the country and the presence of GamStop which has made online gambling so much better. Well, we will discuss the topic in detail right here.

GamStop: Things To Understand First

GamStop is a self-exclusion platform developed by UKGC and as such it operates in casinos available in the United Kingdom. UKGC protects UK players only and it is responsible for casinos that are available in this country only. However, according to, many players are looking for the answer on how to get around GamStop to gamble when self-excluded. As you can see, GamStop is available in the UK only and it is not available in Kenya.

By the way, it works in a simple way. You will create an account, choose how long self-exclusion wants to last, and activate it. Once done you will have to confirm this and you are done. Wait until self-exclusion ends contact support and ask for removal and you can gamble again after 24 hours.

Kenyan Players Do Have Options

Luckily, players from Kenya have alternatives that are available online right now. These come in the form of software (most of them) and they are available online to people from all over the globe in fact. A good thing here is that you have options and you can choose the one you like the most. Anyway, here we will list and explain all the main options you have at your disposal right now.


Gamban has been one of the most popular and most effective software of this kind since 2015. It works well, and fast and it is available on any device you like. The software will be installed on your device and then configured. Once done it will block access to online gambling sites. You also have the ability to choose how long the block will last. Once the block will last you are ready to go back and enjoy playing. If the software detects gambling activity at the casino it will be blocked completely. You cannot even load the site which works well.


BetBlocker is a database-based system to beat problem gambling. What this means is that it contains a database of gambling sites. The database has over 14500 sites at the moment and yes, it is updated hence more and more sites are added to it. What this means is that if a site is in the database, it cannot be accessed once you have installed the app. You will have to wait until the time frame you have selected expires and then you can gamble again.

A nice addition here is the ability o use parental controls which is one of the main functions of the software. It allows you to use a password and activate or deactivate the limits set by the app. It is useful if you want to give your phone to a child and keep his internet activity monitored and controlled.


The software here has been one of the most popular options. There are over 1 million users and all of them are happy and satisfied. The app allows you to block access to gambling sites, other sites, and anything else you may think of. The algorithm is very fast which is always a good thing. We also like the fact that the app is easy to use and has a lot of additional options. Yes, there is parental control option if you need one.

Casino Self-Exclusion

This is not an app or software. It is not something you have to download or anything similar. Most casinos these days will give you the ability to contact their customer support and ask them to ban your account. Once they do this, you cannot gamble anymore at that site. You will have to look for another one. It is a fast and effective method. The only issue here is that the method works with one particular casino so if you are gambling at 10 casinos, you will have to ask this from 10 different sites.

Cold Turkey

Besides the interesting name, we have software that works well. The app allows you to block almost anything. You can block a website or a game. You can choose how long you will stay online and when you cannot go online. All of this makes it ideal for players who want to keep themselves from online gambling.

The Final Word

Kenyan players are unable to use GamStop. This is not strange due to the fact GamStop works only in the United Kingdom and is controlled by UKGC. All of this means that Kenyan players will need additional help and they can find it at one of these apps. Now, pick the one you like the most, install it, and use it. Luckily you will get the help you need and you will have time to recover.

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