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Saturday, 02 July 2022 – Popular gospel singer, Guardian Angel, has responded to claims of depending on his 52-year-old wife Esther Musila for financial support.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, the 33-year-old singer lashed out at those who claim he is ‘kept’ by Esther, adding that it is nobody’s business.

 “Kama hivi ndio kuwekwa inaonja, wacha niwekwe milele. Wacha niwekwe zaidi. If I am being kept, where is the problem? 

“If you also want you can be kept. If it is not possible then live your life. I am enjoying it,” the singer said.

According to Guardian Angel, he has never lived in Esther’s house.

She was the one who reportedly moved to his house when they got married.

He further claimed that he pays all the bills in the house.

 “So I am the man of that house. She has never paid the bills in my house. I am the one who pays the bill in my house because I am her husband. I am the one paying her bills. If that is what it means by being kept then I don’t understand,” Guardian said.

On her side, Esther said that people fabricate stories to taint her image but she no longer cares.

The mother of three works at the United Nations and is believed to be taking home a hefty salary.

The couple has been subject to trolls because of their huge age difference.

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