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Monday, July 4, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto has almost already lost his bid to become the next President of Kenya, political analyst Martin Andati has said.

Ruto is a frontrunner in the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta but is now spending a good portion of his time bashing the Head of State after their fallout and subsequent enmity.

Andati warns that Ruto’s attacks on Uhuru will make it even harder for him to get to State House, as he is picking a fight with a man who has everything needed to decide who ascends to the presidency next.

He warns that by attacking Uhuru, Ruto is making the President use all the agencies needed to prevent his presidency, including the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and the DP can now be sure he will not be President.

“Uhuru has the instruments of power and that goes with the security apparatus, intelligence, the money. Those are factors you cannot ignore in politics,” Andati stated.

The political analyst further said with Uhuru’s support, Ruto was already guaranteed the presidency, and Uhuru’s decision not to support him is why he is very angry and furious at him.

“It is out of anger and frustration. If Ruto ran against Raila with Uhuru’s support it would be a no contest. The move of Uhuru to support the other side really unsettles and disorganizes Ruto’s plans,” he stated.

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  1. The imbecile has not power over the people - he will have to digest that and take it's ukumbafu to Gatundu.

    That is all foolishness!

    The guy is an imbecile mumgiki vampire fraudster riding on other peoples hard effort.

    How on earth will vote for such an imbecile in any election. It was rejected in 2002 and 2017 to the extent it as very drunk in Narok in the 2017 election. These are the stupidity that come with kids of former presidents, mpigs, mpigs-senators/mca/womenwhores/governors.

    NIS is a mungiki entity with zombe operating systems, content-less in virtually everything and funded to loot all the funds allocated to it on every annual budget: that explain why all that work at state house and this abyss regime are fatter than a pig and those not fat are having chronic diseases as HIV bugs etc.

    The imbecile will be shown dust with it’s azimio la mashetani na wachawi.

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